MSC's market segmentation and professional strategy require comprehensive and abundant relevant industry knowledge.Our global knowledge center has saved all technical knowledge of stainless curtain wall construction, and all solutions that MSC company provides are  from this.


    Specialized in rigid-flexible structure solution  for commercial buildings




ACable structure

a.   Product category and service scope 

We provide all kinds of cables and for structure and engineering application, such as,spiral cable, locked coil cable.


                                        The first generationspiral stainless cable,the common used spiral stainless cable for the current projects.



                                       The second generationsurface contact stainless cable 三代钢索对比2.jpg


                                       The third generationlocked coil stainless cable                       

                                      We are the pioneer of the world to make the third generation locked coil cable. And we are the biggest

                                      manufacturer in the world, producing the largest diameter of locked coil rope180mm.



Cable and Components
We manufacture and provide a whole complete range of cable assembly equipment and connecting equipment. For example,the approved high strength prestress cable for glass curtain wall,membrane,the construction of stadiums,oil platforms.Some relevant steel components such as cable clamps,sockets,glass clamps and strander etc.


         indoor local elevation                        clamp                                     clamp


bProject SupportOn-site Assembly

Our associated company participate in the on-site assembly of MSC with us.


We MSC industry provide safety test service according to maintenance detailed list.

Quality Guarantee

We provide all quality guarantee services. Such as:the prestretch test for cable,modulus of elasticity test,fatigue test,clamp slipping load test and clamp bending test.  




c、Our Commitment to Quality
Quality assurance is the core of our effort,we make a detailed description in the quality assurance manual.
ISO 9001
.MSC has passed ISO 9001. This certification standard ensure that our customers could trust our products and service completely.
.ISO 9001 standard is applied to all staff in MSC. We develop our employees’ quality sense by training them to prevent mistakes from being happened. We always hope that the suppliers have their own quality assurance system and regular quality test mechanism, make sure those products supplied have met the highest standard.
General Technical Ratification
Our cable components are in strict accordance with international and domestic research test and gain the general technology license which means this type of components can be used for any projects in the world. We can meet the highest standard to assure that the products we provide to our customers are in the highest quality.

.By means of our planning supporting documents, our customers can choose their required products in the extensive product category,such as cable, component and accessory. Planning target file include all usable products’specification and specific technical information.
.During this process, our customers can gain professional guide from our experts of sales and project management. If we can’t provide wire products through our internal production, we will assist you to choose other suitable products.
.In the following parts,we will introduce our most common used cable and some relevant socket to you. Generally,our cables are stainless or made of galvanized/aluminum to ensure the best corrosion protection thus expand their durability.
Cable socket:
The force applied to cable makes displacement by middle connection and end connection parts.This type of component could be inner sleeve connector,grouting type sleeve connector,clamp or sleeve. The category of socket depend on the cable category and diameter.
socket:USU304/304L/USU316/316L stainless steel material or hot dip galvanized carbon steel.



C、cable manufacturing
Stainless cable manufacturing standard:European standard DIN3054、JG/T200--2007
Cable supplier should provide product certificate for each coil of wire,including the following information:
.Reference standard
.Melting metallic chemical analysis
.The minimum limit of physical test specified in the standard.
.Measuring result(diameter,minimum breaking load,torque and bending)
.Cable Manufacturing Standard:European Standard DIN3054,JG/T 200-2007